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Bridges is a very transient community, with people coming and going all the time. But just because you might not live in Brasilia long term, doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference while you’re here.
At Bridges we encourage people to grow and serve where God has you. There are many ways for you to connect and serve while at Bridges. Whatever your gifts, abilities or talents might be, we want to provide you with the opportunity to find life by giving life away.

Kids Connection

A place for your kids to make friends with children from around the world, while connecting with God.

Kids Connection is a fun, Bible-based learning environment, that helps children thrive in Brasilia. In a world where children often get mixed messages, the teaching at Kids Connection revolves around 3 simple truths: I need to make the right choice. I can trust God no matter what. And, I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Through music, games, drama, video, and small group time, kids learn to love God, love others, and love themselves.

Bridges has a fantastic children’s ministry team, that cares about kids! Each week they help learning to happen at home, by providing parents with weekly “God Time Teaching” & “Parent Cues”, so that what’s taught on Sunday is caught on Monday. Kids Connection is about connecting children with God, friends, and family.


Teens can have it tough, and living cross-culturally can make it tougher.

At Bridges, we believe international teens should have the opportunity to be different TOGETHER, which is why we’ve created FUSION. “Fusion: a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.” So no matter where you’re from, or how God has wired you, FUSION exists to provide opportunities for Jr & Sr High students from around the world to hang out, have fun, talk about God, and care for others.

FUSION leaders are intentional about investing in students. Whether through group gatherings, service opportunities, retreats, social activities, or one on one, FUSION leaders help students discover God’s purpose and passion for their lives.

Bridges is committed to helping teens and their parents navigate the transitions that come with life and living abroad. We help challenge teens to develop convictions, character, and community, so that faith and friendship make a real difference. 

Fusion meets biweekly on Friday evenings – 7:30pm hosted by one of the parents.

Adults Ministries

An opportunity for genuine community and meaningful friendship

You are created for the community. We all are. The reality is we need others, but many of us have left friends and family to come to Brasilia, and re-creating community isn’t always easy.

The heart of Bridge’s adult small groups is to provide an opportunity for people to have authentic community- a place that is safe to be real, where you can share life, sharpen one another, pray together, grow in faith and friendship. Centered around Christ, his Word, and his people, we would love the chance to know you…and be known by you.

Adult Small Groups Schedule


Men’s small group currently meets on Thursday evenings, 7:30pm at the Worship Center Mezzanine.
Women’s small groups meets on Wednesday mornings, 10:00 and Thursday evenings, 7:30pm at Pastor Dave’s House.
Young Adults meets biweekly on Friday evenings – 8:00pm at the Worship Center Mezzanine.
Sunday Bible Study adult Bible classes in English and French on Sundays before the Service – 10:00am at the Worship Center Mezzanine (English) and Pastor Dave’s Office (French).


Outreach & Missions

Being an international church with an international impact: We want to make an eternal difference in our world.

As a church comprised of some 40 different nations, we want to be involved in what God is doing around the world. Whether we cross an ocean, a border, or a hallway, we want to be a people who carry the love and hope of Jesus Christ wherever we go. Our desire is for missions to become increasingly central to the life of Bridges Church. Through global networks, we are currently looking at strategic ways to invest our time, resources, and lives to make an eternal difference around the world. Locally, we are serving underprivileged children and their families, while considering expanded ways to love the poor, hurting, and hopeless in our world.


Counseling Services

Life can get hard- we’re not here to judge, we’re here to love.

Whether you or a loved one needs personal care, we want to help. We understand the stress that can come with living cross-culturally. Bridge’s pastors has over 35 years of experience in pastoral care and family counseling and are available to meet with you. Or if you would rather speak to someone else on our ministry care team, or are in need of specialized professional care, we are here to help. (Your confidentiality will always be respected.)


(61) 3248-6236


s/n Area Especial, Ql 9 – Lago Sul, Brasilia – DF, 71625-005 


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